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Our Menu

We offer a wide range of Mexican dishes. Of course you can get classics such as tacos, but we also offer many traditional specialties from Mexico that are worth exploring.


The full menu is below; click here for our vegetarian menu.

Mexico in Alaska Full Menu

Ensaladas (salads)

Ensalada Fresca - $9.00

Lettuce, Tomato, In-Season Fresh Vegetables, Onions, Cheese, House Dressing 

Ensalada de Pollo or Carne Deshebrada - $12.00 

Lettuce, Tomato, In-Season Fresh Vegetables, Chicken or Shredded Beef, Cheese, Onions, House Dressing 

Ensalada (small) - $5.00


Aperitivos (appetizers)

Guacamole - $17.00 

Avocado Dip with Lettuce, Spices, Chips 

Nachos de Queso - $15.00

Chips Topped with Melted Cheese, Jalapenos, Fresh Onions, Salad 

Entremesa de Queso - $16.00 

Cheese Dip with Onions, Jalapenos, Tortillas


Tacos a la Carta 

Flauta Taco (1) - $7.00 

Two Rolled Corn Tortillas, Soft-fried with Beans, Lettuce,

Tomatoes, Cream and Cheese 

Burrito (1) - $7.00 

Wheat Tortilla, Folded with Beans and Beef flavor, Deep-fried

or Soft, on a Bed of Lettuce, Tomatoes, Cream and Cheese

Carne Deshebrada Taco (2) - $9.00 

Rolled or Folded Corn Tortilla with Shredded Beef, Lettuce, Tomatoes, Cream and Cheese 

Taco de Pollo (2) - $10.00 

Rolled or Folded Corn Tortilla with Chicken, Lettuce, Tomatoes, Cream and Cheese 

Enchilada (2) - $10.00 

Soft-fried Corn Tortilla Dipped in Mole Sauce with either Chicken, Cheese or Beef, with Cream, Cheese and Lettuce

Tapatia (2) - $10.00

Open Face Taco with Crisp Corn Tortilla with either Cheese,

Chicken or Beef, Lettuce, Tomatoes, Cream, Beans, Cheese

Quesadilla (2) - $10.00 

Folded, Soft-fried Corn or Wheat Tortilla with Cheese, Onions and Jalapenos 

Tamal (2) - $12.00 

Corn Husks Spread with Corn Dough and Wrapped with Meat Filling, Garnished with Mole Sauce 

Crispy Dog (2) - $10.00 

Rolled Com Tortilla with Franks Stuffed with Cheese, Deep-fried, Served with Lettuce, Tomatoes, Cream and Cheese 

Bean Roll Taco (2) - $6.00

Soft-fried Rolled Corn Tortilla with Beans, Lettuce, Cheese 


Tacos Especiales 

Three Open Face Tortillas Garnished with Lettuce and Tomatoes, served with Rice, Beans 

Tacos de Carne Asada (Grilled Steak) - $14.75 

Tacos de Carnitas (Pork) - $14.75 

Tacos de Carnes al Pastor - $14.75

(Beef, Pork, Chicken or Beef Tongue Sauteed with Onions & Cilantro) 

Tacos de Borrego (Lamb Seasoned with Achiote) - $14.75 



Cenas (dinners) 

All dinners served with Beans, Rice, Salad, Soft Tortillas


Combination Dinners

Your Choice of one (1) item - $14.25 

Your Choice of two (2) items - $17.25

Your Choice of three (3) items - $20.25

Choose from:

Carne Deshebrada ⧫ Taco de Pollo ⧫ Flauta Taco ⧫ Tapatia Enchilada ⧫ Quesadilla ⧫ Burrito ⧫ Tamal ⧫ Crispy Dog


Pollo Fundido - $21.00 

Seasoned Chicken covered with melted Cheese, Jalapeno Peppers and Onions 

Chiles Rellenos - $23.00 

Peppers Stuffed with Cheese in Egg Batter, Cooked in

Tomato Sauce and Onions garnished with Cream 

Pollo en Mole - $23.00 

Tenderly Cooked with Spices, Chicken Garnished with a Mole Sauce 

Carne Machacada - $21.00 

Beef, Cooked with Onions, Tomatoes Jalapeno Peppers and Scrambled with Eggs 

Chorizo con Huevo - $21.00

Fried Mexican Sausage, Scrambled with Eggs 

Nopales con Huevo - $21.00 

Tenderly Cooked Cactus Fried with Onions, Tomatoes and Scrambled with Eggs topped with Cheese and Cilantro 



Platillos Especiales 

Taco Plate - $18.25

Five of our Tacos Including Rolled Carne Deshebrada Taco, Taco de Pollo, Tapatia, Bean Roll Taco and Burrito 

Gordita - $18.25 

A Large Patty Made with Fresh Seasoned Corn Dough, Topped with Melted Cheese, Cream, Beans, Beef or Chicken, Lettuce, Tomatoes and Grated Cheese 

Sopes - $18.25 

Three (3) Small Patties, Made with Fresh Seasoned Corn Dough, Topped with Chorizo and Lettuce, Tomatoes, Cheese. Served with Rice and Beans 

Chilaquiles - $18.25 

A Casserole of Corn Tortillas, Fried and Cooked in a Special Sauce, Topped with a Fried Egg, Cheese, Cream, Onions. Served with Rice, Beans and Salad

Pollo Frito - $18.25 

Golden Fried Chicken Marinated in Líme, Served on a Bed of Lettuce and Topped with Tomatoes, Onions, Avocados and Lime. Served with Rice and Beans

Huevos Rancheros - $17.00

Eggs Ranchero Style, Two (2) Soft-fried Eggs on a Soft Tortilla, Topped with our Ranchero Sauce. Served with Salad, Rice and Beans


Sopas (soups)

Sopa de Pollo - $11.75

Chicken Soup 

Menudo - $13.75

Tripe Soup 

Sopa Tarasca - $11.75

Bean Soup


Side Orders

Beans - $5.00

Rice - $5.00

1 Chile Relleno - $13.75

All Other Side Orders - $4.00




Lunch Special Until 3:00 p.m.

Served with Beans, Rice & Mexican iced tea

Your Choice of one (1) item - $12.75 

Your Choice of two (2) items - $14.75

Your Choice of three (3) items - $15.75

Choose from:

Carne Deshebrada ⧫ Taco de Pollo ⧫ Flauta Taco ⧫ Tapatia Enchilada ⧫ Quesadilla ⧫ Burrito ⧫ Tamal ⧫ Crispy Dog


Child's Plate (6 & under) 

Choice of one (1) item - $8.00

Choice of two (2) items - $11.00


Dinner Special of the Day - $15.25


Bebidas (drinks) 

Refrescos (unlimited refills) - $3.50

Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Orange, Sierra Mist, Root Beer Mountain Dew, Lemonade 

Leche - $4.00


Cafe - $4.00

Mexican Coffee 

Chocolate - $6.25

Mexican Hot Chocolate 

Agua de Horchata - $4.00

Fresh Fruit Drink 



Cerveza y Vino (beer & wine)

Sangria by Glass Only - $10.00

Woodbridge Chardonnay - $9.00

Green apple & floral aromas with an oak finish. 

Woodbridge Cabernet - $9.00 

Plum, berry & cedar aromas with rich, smooth, powerful flavors 

Wine Margaritas - $10.00 

Imported Mexican Beer - $8.00


Refrigerated To-Go Items

Burritos, 1 Dozen - $24.00

Hot Salsa, 48oz - $24.00

Hot Salsa, 21oz - $12.00

Salsa Mexicana, 48oz - $28.00

Salsa Mexicana, 21oz - $12.75

Mole Sauce, 48oz - $33.75

Mole Sauce, 21oz - $15.00

Tamales, 1 Dozen - $27.75

Tortillas, 1 Dozen - $6.00




Half-orders available 

Parties of 5 or more will be charged 20% gratuity


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